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    Share evidence with caregivers at any time and from any where

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    Tell pet health + wellness stories with photos, images, videos, or text

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    What is in4me?

    in4me is a software platform that is changing the way people collaborate around health and wellness by equipping users with the information and support they need to make the best data-driven decisions possible.

    We are elevating humanity in healthcare through technology.

    Pet Owners

    Pets are important members of our family, and we believe that there is a better way to care for them. Our software platform is a complete resource for capturing, storing, tracking, and sharing your pet’s health and wellness information with their veterinarian.



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    Veterinarians & Caregivers

    In this digital age, your patients want to connect with you in increasingly transparent and interactive ways. in4me is the secure platform that lets you navigate digital collaboration and stay connected to your patients after they leave the exam room.

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